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We will be happy to hear the lights and many healthy, happy and happy birthdays in New Year 2002!

before relevant week, ended at the event of Austerlitz 2001, which Dolo injury to the operator dla. Today, we will inform you that the plastic surgeons in Brno on Berkov Street managed to save two injured fingers. Lasting results in the form of a lost arrow on the right hand are alert to anyone who manipulates replicas of historical weapons. It is necessary to state that in the 11 years since the event in Tvaro n near Brno and the surrounding area is the only one injured. This is indeed a demonstration of a good level of control of the units and of all the parts. I am going to survive in the future.

01/12/04 The Battle of t c sa Oz in Prague
In the restaurant Palms Kinsks in Prague, there was a gastronomic event called TW C SA O. The ceremony was attended by Vins de France Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Luisa Krameriusov / supported by her company by selected samples v n / editel esk pobo Deloite and Touch Mr Otto Jeląnek, Deputy Editor of Hospodářské noviny Mr. Libor ev k, Chairman of the Association of Advertising Agencies Jią Mikeą, Director of the Czech Republic – The French Chamber of Commerce Mr Jaroslav Hubata – Vacek and many others. The Palms Kinsk’s restaurant is decorated with its own kitchens and gorgeous Moravian and French wines. All the President of the esk Association sommeli r Mr Martin Pasty k. For the duration of the event, there are many specialties such as Cara Alexandra’s Salmon Casserole, the Coussin Napoleon combination of Burgundy parmesan cheese, The special terrain of the Guard is suitably complemented by outstanding French and Moravian visions. We tried to recommend it. Photo of the eventhere
Reservation tel: 02 24810750, fax: 02 2326137, e-mail Bli information –

01/12/03 Austerlitz 2001 skon il. Ji dnes pl nujeme Austerlitz 2002
The applicant will provide you with valuable co-workers for good work. We thank the audience for their perception and the fact that they have done the same while studying a piece of history. There were statistics: This year, 320 kg of dead dust was ejected in Tvaro n,, drinking more than 800 liters of wine, fighting over 1100 troops from the whole of Europe / France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Hungary, SLOVENIA and Malta, who searched for 1200 baguettes, 1230 zk , km. We are convinced that we will meet again in the coming year and that we will improve many. We also look forward to the success of mediators that will help us with the promotion of the event each time. We thank your sponsors, without whom we would not be able to organize this event. We look forward to seeing these strings for their downloads and tips to help them improve the server’s reach .

01/12/02 Flash! We have a relatively good report to the wounded soldier. The situation looks as if the surgeon in Brno did not lose one finger and the others could save. According to his words, his wounds would be wounded for others to be more careful, because with the black light Dust is always dangerous. He is in a relatively good mental state and does not have any publicity. Organizations are closely connected and are therefore ready to provide any help.

01/12/02 Photos for Media
If you have the idea to download the current photo for your magazine, day, or other print, click here . The photo was taken by long-time co-worker Igor Zehl, who has been charting Santon for more than 10 years.

01/12/02 Program Austerlitz 2001 na ned�li 2.12.2001
Ned�le 2.12.2001
11.00 � 11.30 Uct�n� pam�tky padl�ch � pietn� akt � Mohyla m�ru
09.00 – 17.00 Historick� jarmark ve �lapanic�ch
14.00 – 14.30 Vzpom�nkov� akt u Bo�� muky na k�i�ovatce obc� Bla�ovice,K�enovice,Prace, Zb��ov
Z�mek Slavkov
09.00 Prohl�dka z�mku, v�stava Napoleonsk� v�lky a �esk� zem�/sobota,ned�le/
11.00 � 15.00 Kost�mov� prohl�dky s Napoleonem
Mohyla m�ru – prohl�dka muzea a kaple / sobota,ned�le/
Hotel Star� po�ta pozo�ick� – vojensk� le�en� ,muzeum,po�tovna,restaurace/p�tek ned�le/
Obecn� hospoda K�enovice – vojensk� le�en� /p�tek-ned�le/
T�any � vojensk� le�en�
The generic advertising partner of the Austerlitz 2005 Project is the õeskomoravsk cement and the
official partner of the Austerlitz 2005 project is the Moravsk naftovĂ doly as

01/12/01 Reconstruction of the Battle of t c sa ended at 14.30
More than 1100 Military Clubs of Military History have cast out all 320 kg of dust and the French troops once again celebrated the uncrowning battle . There were two injuries. One, it will have to see a plastic surgeon on the hands of a dildo that, when reassembled, does not appear He rubbed his fingers on his hands. The type of injury was, according to the words of MUDr. Ludky of the Milosrdne Brothers Hospital in Brno, injured in the battle of the battle, lo m tv n j character. Compared to the thousands of thousands who fallen in 1805, it is a mere episode. The start of the event was marked by the fate that caused the sound apparatus. From technical sources, microphone sound came to the speaker with some confusion. This effect led to a reduction in the root cause that, after several attempts to conceal the ceremony, they gave up this effort. The only one who STM vypodal was spkr Mr. Sek program, which handles ml sluchtka and heads hood. so this acoustic effect could not affect it.
In the summer, about 6,000 divorces have passed, which, hopefully, have been frost-free, with improbable satisfaction . Vtina units naveer pesunula buses to Austerlitz, where the parade Act dnen day to honor the Sundays at Monument MRU pamtku padlch.

01/12/01 Presentation on Saturday 1.12.2001 according to HM
Po as over the day: Mostly cloudy clouds, which the majority of the clouds will last for a whole day, otherwise cloudy and cloudy. Unusually fog. Slightly weak or drizzle. Highest temperatures -1 and 3 degrees, at 1,000 m on mountains about 1, at about 4 st.C. South Moravia, Moravia and Silesia and north-eastern Germany 2-6 m / s. HM is the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, where we have ordered =)

Detailed program Vzpomnkovch AKC to 196. NRA Battles t CSA 2001 will find selected together with press information HERE

01/11/30 Austerlitz 2001 fotonews
The first obrzky of finiujcch pprav can not let UJT click here.

01/11/30 Today zan!
16.45 17.15 commemorative ceremony at the cemetery in lapanicch
17.30 to 18.15 Jikovick fire on urni
19.00 to 19.30 units march to the mass graves memorial ceremony in K enovicch
15.00 to 19.00 Hand-made fair vzmeckm park in the Slavkov
19.00 historical parade units in Slavkov
01/11/29 New book by František Kopecký
New book about the Battle of Austerlitz by František Kopeckho was today crushed at the opening of ing.arch.Ivo Mana’s drawings on General ad in Tvaro n . The book was published at the 196th Battle of Austerlitz in cooperation with Austerlitz 2005.
01/11/28 The Moravskos naftov mines company became the official partner of the Austerlitz 2005 project
One of the region’s most important companies has decided to support the activities in the Slavkov battle and according to the words of the General Director Mr. František Kombek, “that the annual plant will not be for Moravsk naftovské doly, as, the last one the ability to participate in this important project. ” You can read more about the service here

01/11/25 Plakút Austerlitz 2001
Pavel Brabec proposed a new album for this year’s event. We think he did. If you can, you can download it in PDF / ZIP351kB / here . Your rating is written!

01/11/21 Invitation to the Exhibition of Photographs and Slavkov The
exhibition of photographers, capturing the reconstruction of the Battle of T C sa , took place at the Auschwitz Museum in Slavkov . The show “How It Fought Under Santon” is also invited to the reconstruction of the Battle, which will take place on December 1 and Tvarońsk in Brno and many other accompanying events In Slavkov and surrounding communities. Named to måme älapanice, Kædenice. Tanya and so hotel Star po ta near Kovalovice, where the military will be le en from 30.11. to 2.12.2001

01/11/21 General Benefit Society Mohyla mûru Austerlitz, ops on Austerlitz 2005
For details on the posters of this company, see our pages here

01/11/20 Tvaro n issued a medal
The municipality of Tvaro n , which is one organizer of the commemorative actions of battle battle t c sa , she made a collection of memorable medals for this occasion. The reconstruction of the Napoleonic battle from 1805 will take place this year on December 1. The new medals are made of clay and clay and the village has produced a total of three hundred. They will be able to buy them for fifty crowns on the battlefield or at the Town Hall in Tvaro n. / Source: Mladá fronta Dnes 19.11.2001 /
01/11/19 Information on the Austerlitz 2001 Austerlitz 2001 service in the service TK
The complete press information and the individual sponsors were published on the server TK – PROTEXT . The message was sent out to the service department (the media, the company, the state administration). The subscriber received the satellite via the Internet InfoBank on the Internet, where the text will remain available for use in the future lovac m prost edk m. The message was sent to the service e-mail service for about a thousand other subscribers.

01/11/14 New book on the Battle of Austerlitz by František Kopeck Z
We invite you to the opening of ing.arch.Ivo Mana drawings, which will be held on Thursday, November 29, 2001 at 4 pm on the Commonwealth in Tvaro n. A new book by František Kopeck “The Battle of Austerlitz and Moravia” will be presented, published by Onufrius Publishing House, 1969, at the Battle of Austerlitz in cooperation with the Austerlitz 2005 project.

01/11/06 Record will be over
In the summer of this year, a record of the active involvement of the Military History Club will be completed in the reconstruction of the battle. At the present day, 1100 people are admitted and the seizures are closed. All participants, of course, except for the battle of 1.2.2001 in Tvaro n discovering the Pietna Act, 2.12.2001 at 11.00 am on the Earth’s Might .