Project Austerlitz and Buchlovice

03/03/30 Meeting at Mikulov
The leader of Project Austerlitz Mr. Miroslav Jandora met Mr. Romain Baulesch, commander of the Italienarm�e and his wife Mrs.Margot Baulesch at Mikulov on 23rd March 2003. The members of C.E.N.S. committee and French brigade Ivan Vystrcil and Kamil Madera took part in that meeting too where ideas and opinions concerned reenactment and this year eventcalendar were discussed. They especially talked about an event Kulm 1813 which could be organized this year in area Ust� nad Labem by Project Austerlitz and local authorities which will be contacted in the following days. After the meeting the participants sight-saw a very nice town and chateau Mikulov which could become a place of some future historical event organized by Project Austerlitz and C.E.N.S.
Kamil Madera

Project Austerlitz prepares in conjuction with C.E.N.S., Association of 8e Regiment d�infanterie de Ligne Buchlovice, chateau Buchlovice and municipal authority of Buchlovice the beginning of tourist season at the chateau Buchlovice.

A big drill weekend of french units formed in 2nd french brigade will be held since 5th April to 6th April in the original interiors of chateau Buchlovice and its garden , excpected 120 soldiers and invited VIP guests like Mr. Jandora for Project Austerlitz or Mr. R.Baulesch, commander of Italienarm�e.
Kamil Madera

03/02/27 Camp de Grande Armee – Finckenstein 1807
Kamieniec Suski
May 30 � June 1, 2003
Napoleon Bonaparte lodged in a palace of a Prussian notable, Graf zu Dohna, in Finckenstein (presently Kamieniec Suski), from April 1 to June 6, 1807. The site became a center of Napoleonic Europe for 2 months. Here the Emperor signed many important decrees (including that on formation of the Regiment of Light Cavalry of the Imperial Guard), negotiated with Persia and Turkey, received ministers and marshals, and visited soldiers in their winter camp. And the remains of the palace and its beautiful surroundings conceal the secrets of the fervent romance of Napoleon I and Maria Walewska. Now, inspired by Piotr Czerepak and Marcin Ochman and offered support by the Institute of the Studies on the Napoleonic Period in Pultusk and Gero Ltd.(owner of Finckenstein grounds), we have a unique opportunity to revive the spirit of the proud Grand Army: Napoleon�s regiments will camp again, like nearly two centuries ago, in the park surrounding the ruins of the Finckenstein palace between May 30 and June 1 this year.
The main purpose of the event is to promote and protect Finckenstein/Kamieniec site. And the re-enactment will become a perfect opportunity to make the general public aware of this historical location. Please, see our supporting site: for further details.
We expect arrival of numerous units from Poland and many other countries of Europe. The Finckenstein camp will feature militaria, such as historical tents, weapons and uniforms, and the names of its alleys will pay tribute to the great leaders and battles of the Napoleonic Empire. Further, we plan for marches, grand maneuvers, exercises in formation of rectangles, and demonstrations of military drill and skills. We will all get a sense of the enthusiasm and excitement that drove the Napoleonic army in 1807: Vive l’Empereur!
Every brave-spirited man or woman who cherishes the merits of honor and the fame the history owes to a true warrior is invited! You can count on an exciting once-in-a-lifetime kind event.
Contact: Piotr Czerepak
More on:

P.S.Only for french or Napoleon allies reenactment groups.We need yours addresses.

03/01/21 The C.E.N.S. – the Central European Napoleonic Society was established
On 18 January 2003 at the Municipal Office in Tvaro�n�, representatives of military history clubs from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria serving on the C.E.N.S. steering committee established a non-profit, multinational organization, the Central European Napoleonic Society. This organization supports the values of modern European reenactment, and will follow up on the basic values in the area of training, gear, and weaponry that were until now represented by ENS. Therefore, a large majority of the founding members have belonged to ENS, or else they are currently cooperated with it or have done so in the past. C.E.N.S. is prepared to accept other military history clubs which will respect its rules and are sincerely interested in joining. C.E.N.S. currently brings together over 500 uniformed soldiers, who are organized in three basic military structures. The French are represented by the newly established by a demi-brigade, and the allies are represented by the Italian Army and the Allied Brigade. The statutes were adopted, and the management was appointed. Ivan Vystr�il, the vice-president of the Austerlitz 2005 project, was elected to serve as the first president of C.E.N.S. Other committee members are Petr L�zni�ka, Kamil Mad�ra, Ond�ej Tup�, and Romain Baulesch. This new organization is one of the largest of its type in Europe. We are pleased that the Austerlitz project has acquired a solid, stable partner in this institution. The founding units are:


1st Regiment of Foot The Imperial Guard of Austerlitz
2-e Crew of the Imperial Guard Sailor’s
Battalion 5th Regiment of Artillery
6th Artillery Company
8th Regiment of Artillery Infantry of Line
10th Regiment Service of Sant
17th Artillery
Company 18th Regiment of Infantry of Line


Alied brigade
kkIR 56 Colloredo / Grenadier-Division
kk J ger Battalion Nr. 1 Lutz
kk IR Nr. 20 Kaunitz-Rietberg / 1. Battalion /
kk IR Nr. 20 Kaunitz-Rietberg / Grenadier-Division /
Imperial Russian Artillery Battery Dimitri Donskoi

Italian Army

k.k.I.R. 2 Hiller Ungarische Grenadiere
k.k.I.R. 36 Kolowrat Infanterie
k.k.I.R. 36 Kolowrat Musik
k.k, leichtes Battalion 12 Rubenitz
k. k. Feld – Artillerie – Regiment Nr. 4, Batterie ‘Colloredo – Mansfeld’, Teplice
A.R. Nr. 4, Batterie W�rzburg
k.k.I.R. 1 �Kaiser� Moravsk� p�� pluk


02/12/08 Austerlitz 2002 – first pictures
The very first pictures from this year�s Austerlitz are HERE . Next item coming soon…

02/12/03 Allied Brigade Military Gazette
The very nice article of David Banks, comandant of Allied Army and new President of ENS. Read please HERE . Thank you David, hope that french group will looking for so good writer, like you are….. Congratulations for Presidency of ENS!

02/11/29 Austerlitz 2002 began!
Welcome to Austerlitz 2002!

02/11/24 Succes at Paris
Vice- president of the Austerlitz Project 2005 is back from a congress named THE NOBLESSES IN THE EMPIRE OF HABSBOURG, FROM THE WHITE MOUNTAIN TO THE SPRING OF THE PEOPLES (1620-1848) “France outside France”. (Rohan Roots in the Habsburg Monarchy). In this occasion visited the Napoleon Foundation, where the Project Austerlitz and the Napoleon Foundation.

02/11/19 The open leter from Etienne Roda, president of the ENS
Dear Visitor,
thank you for visiting this homepage and for your interest in the Battle of Austerlitz. We as ENS are delighted with the opportunity to take part in this really exciting Event. We will try to make a good impression of what happened in Napoleonic times at Austerlitz.
This Event is only made possible due to the immense work of enthusiasts in the organisation and to idealistic sponsors who deserve our thanks. The costs of such an Event will barely be covered by the small entrance fees alone. We will see Reenactment groups from Italy, southern France, England and even Malta. These are idealistic people who will gladly make the long journeys to be part at the Battle of Austerlitz.
These historical Events are remembering that important parts of European history happened in this area. The reconstitution of the Battle of Austerlitz with its enormous international attention will attract worldwide interest in the huge historical heritage of European culture conserved in the Czech Republic. It will also highlight the friendly people and gentle hospitality a visitor will find there.
Since the Battle of Loano 1795/1995 ,I have always considered it a privilege to have Bohemian and Moravian soldiers under my command. Today they are amongst the very best Napoleonic Reenactors worldwide and are splendid ambassadors of the European spirit which exists in their country.
I am happy that today we can help our Czech friends from so many Campaigns in Germany, Italy, Malta, Great Britain, France etc. over the last 10 years, to create a really excellent European Event of international reputation in their homecountry.
Salut et Fraternit�
Etienne Rod�
G�n�ral de Division

02/11/09 Photogallery from a visit of representatives of the ENS
25-27.10.2002 have been days, when Mr Etienne Roda and other representants of the ENS visited Austerlitz Battlefield. Click please here

02/11/04 Local elections 2002 and the Project Austerlitz 2005
The weekend’s local elections at Tvarozna have the one big winner!! Former major of Tvarozna Mr Frantisek Kopecky was once again elected for next four years!! This is the very best novelty for the Austerlitz 2005 Project. Congratulations!

02/10/31 The press info for this year’s Commemorative Events at the Battle of the Three Emperors at Austerlitz /Slavkov/
This year, thanks to the involvement of the Austerlitz /Slavkov/ Castle and the museum there, there will be an expansion of the territory on which the military operations will be acted out. After the allies occupy the castle, French units will encamp there. The main command post will be at the castle, and the armies will practically occupy the entire complex until Sunday afternoon. As is traditional, there will also be a reconstruction of the Battle Under Santon in Tvaro�n� u Brna, this time organized by ENS and CENS. This year, te official ceremony with a field mass will be enacted in open air, near the mass mass graves of fallen soldiers near the Krenovice graveyard. A detailed program, a reconstruction scenario, and detailed organizational instructions will be the topic of the next press conference, to be held around mid-November.
Go to the press info, click here

02/07/12 NEW! Jan Sroubek�s photogalery
A very nice photos from the Re enactment of the Battle of Three Emperors 2001. If you like to see a new pictures from 2.12.2001 click here

01/12/24 PF 2002
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

01/12/02 Fotonews from the Re enactment of the Battle of Three Emperors 2001
If you like to have a new pictures from 2.12.2001 click here

01/11/25 Looking for a poster of the Austerlitz 2001 events? Click below!
Click here for the poster of the Austerlitz 2001 /PDF ZIP 351kB/

01/11/11 Press release of the Austerlitz 2001
Please click here

01/11/01 Austerlitz 2001
Detail program of 196th anniversary of the Battle of Three Emperors is here