A hilarious salute to the troops with four separate comedy acts to US military bases around the world starting November 2nd


Headlining Triple Threat, Operation Laughter, Tommy Davidson and All-Stars of Comedy make US military personnel overseas laugh

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COMMON BASE ANDREWS, Md., Oct 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Four separate standout comedy acts will travel to multiple U.S. military bases around the world this fall to provide lighthearted live entertainment for the military as part of Armed Forces Entertainment’s (AFE) Brings the Laughs Campaign, serving abroad.

Four separate standout comedy acts will travel to multiple U.S. military bases around the world this fall to provide lighthearted live entertainment for service members serving overseas as part of Armed Forces Entertainment’s (AFE) Brings the Laughs campaign. Tommy Davidson with Rob Maher are among the headliners.

The members of Triple hazardAdam Keys, Johnny Cardinale and Mark Serritella – are on the way to Alaska to bring their 18+ comedy content to the troops. While each has performed individually in the past, they combine their talents in a new tour just for AFE. Triple Threat will be at JB Elmendorf-Richardson, November 2; Delete AFS, November 3rd; Ft. Grely, November 4th; Ft. Wainwright, November 5th. and Eielson AFB, November 6th.

Operation laughter, a lively team of stand-up comedians, which includes Kermet Apio, Key Lewis, and Andrew Sleighter, are on the way Southwest Asia November 3rd – 16. Although everyone has a different approach to life, they are all fun and amusing to illustrate personalities and situations that affect family, friends and everyday events.

Kermet Apio born and raised in Honolulu, but left the island to join the University of Washington, and made the city his home. He entered the Comedy Underground on his first open mic night in 1989. on Seattle, and never looked back. He won the Great American Comedy Festival in 2009 and has appeared on many television and radio shows over the years, performing at comedy festivals. on aspen, Las Vegas, and Vancouver and performed in 47 states and three Canadian provinces.

Lewis’ key His energetic stage presence is accentuated by improvisation, storytelling and his love for people. His interracial childhood, family, and unusual views on relationships make audiences howl when they reference his stories. the Sacramento-born comic appeared in a number of competitions across the country and won the Rocky Mountain Laugh Off in 2013. Lewis an active member of the GIs of Comedy, an all-veteran comedy group (he’s a Navy vet) that tours the world for service members.

Andrew Sleighter started out in comedy looking for the perfect funny line to open a biography. Since then, Sleigher’s laid-back style and clever writing have earned him the recognition of fans and the respect of his peers. He wrote and blogged for them Sports show with Norm Macdonald on Comedy Central and was a regular on the MTV joke show Money from strangers. He played on NBCs Last comic stand, Nuvo TV Get up and deliver and made his late night stand-up debut Conan. Sleighter’s comedy tickles a wide audience with its hilariously understandable observations about family, friends, and life.

Tommy Davidson, an enthusiast performing for service members takes his comedic genius with him Rob Maher, into the Pacific and ending in Cuba, Beginning November 11th2. December. As one of the stars of In Vivid color (along with Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier), Davidson’s career has skyrocketed. He did Showtime specials as a headliner, acted with Halle Berry, to the Spike Lee, and starred in the groundbreaking, award-winning documentary in 2017 I am comic. His hilarious standups contain impressions and incredible storytelling that leave the audience gasping for breath.

The first for Davidson is Alaska at JB Elmendorf-Richardson, November 11th; Ft. Wainwright, November 12th, and Eielson AFB November 13th, Ft. Grely, 14th November. and delete AFS, 15th of November. Its closest stations are PMRF Barking Sands, Hawaii, November 18; JB Pearl Harbor Hickam, Hawaii, November 19th & 20 and Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, 22nd of November. Davidson will end his tour at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba Dec 1 & 2.

“We are very excited to see record military personnel showing up to see AFE live entertainment shows around the world,” said Brian Burke, AFE Marketing and Business Analyst.

The full artist lineup and schedule are below AFE HUB.

About the entertainment of the armed forces: Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) is the official Department of Defense agency providing high quality entertainment to U.S. military personnel serving overseas, primarily during emergency operations and in remote and isolated locations. Now in his 70sNS Annually, AFE brings a touch of home to nearly 400,000 soldiers annually through music, sports, and comedy entertainment and provides our dedicated military personnel with much-needed downtime.

More information, timetables and downloadable images can be found at: www.armforcesentertainment.com.

For 70 years, Armed Forces Entertainment has provided fantastic live entertainment ...
For 70 years, Armed Forces Entertainment has provided amazing live entertainment to military personnel serving overseas, mostly in emergency response and remote locations. (PRNewsfoto / Armed Forces Entertainment)

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