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As Veterans Day approaches, Bellefontaine High School students have run a project to honor VHS graduates currently serving in the armed forces.

At the top are the students of the new service learning class and the BHS Key Club.

Over the past few weeks, the students have compiled a list of all active Bellefontaine alums. In order to recognize their service to the country, the students send care packages to each active service member.

Rick Reed and Chris Miller teach the service learning class.

BHS students in Jason Brown’s government class also write letters to these military personnel.

In addition, the high school students, in collaboration with the Bellefontaine Elementary Kindergarten children in Lisa Plank and Lauren Burkhardt’s classes, create cards for the service staff. .

The BHS alumni who receive care packages include with their branch of service and the BHS final year:

Corbin Messner, Marines, 2011 BHS graduate;

Jaydric Clifton, Army National Guard, 2018;

Drew Wrocklage, Army National Guard, 2019;

Justin Clayton, U.S. Air Force, 2017;

Chase Braun, Air Force, 2016;

Ramon Garcia, Air Force, 2017;

Connor Mentzer, Army, 2020;

Landon Earick, Marines, 2018

Noah Connor, Marine, 2021;

Ryan Rogan, Army, 2013;

Davion Long, Army (Reserve), 2020;

Nate McBeth, Army, 2013;

Kyle Southard, Army National Guard, 2018;

Kyle Edu, Army, 2019;

Chelsea Burkhammer, Army National Guard, 2020;

Ariel Burkholder, Marine, 2021;

Tyler Silvia, Army, 2011;

Brandon Gamble, Army Nat Guard, 2020

Eli Murphy, Army (Reserves), 2018;

Hunter Perkins, Army, 2018;

Mya Godsey, Army, 2021;

Austen Conner, Army, 2018;

Aaron Wisner, Army, 2014;

Jonathon Kelley, Marines, 2018;

Anthony Toliver, Air Force, 2016;

Anthony Carothers, Marines, 2017;

Mitch Smith, Air Force, 2018;

Clayton Adams, Marines, 2011;

Moriah Haisley, Marines, 2021

Berry Reames, Air Force, 2011

Dalton Short, Air Force, 2015;

Nathaniel Schmid, Marine, 2020;

Tony Miele, Army, 2020;

Mason Bailey, Air Force, 2017;

Kaylee Foreman, Marine, 2019;

Ethan Morales, Marine, 2021;

Gunnar Buck, Marines, 2016;

Brayden Smith, Air Force, 2020;

Josiah Jester, Air Force, 2018;

Diana Devine, Army, 2017;

Joe Cochenour, Air Force, 2013;

Treston Howell, Air Force, 2017;

Matthew Nye, Marines, 2021;

Bailey Morales, Army National Guard, 2019;

Brenden Bodenmiller, Marine, 2015;

Joshua Kauffman, Marines, 2010;

Matthias Pattison, Army, 2008;

Barbara “Ally” Stein, Army, 2019;

Christian Edu, Army, 2017;

Zachary Stockdale, Army, 2009;

Chad McKenzie, Marine, 1991;

Mel Ian Baker, Air Force, 2018;

Christian Keene, Marines, 2020;

Jacob Campbell, Air Force, 2013;

Doug Yoder, Army, 1982.

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