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Elan Joseph, former British Army instructor

Over the past two months, Vincentians serving in the British Armed Forces have appeared before the courts both here and in England and have faced serious criminal charges.

On January 18, reported that Vincentian Bombardier, Elan Joseph, a British Army instructor, was discharged from the armed forces and given an 18-month disposition.

Joseph, who was said to be from the Central Kingstown area, was dragged into court on 13 charges relating to five female recruits. He later pleaded guilty to nine charges of breach of procedure and prejudicial conduct.

The Daily Mail also reported that a court-martial acquitted him of one charge of touching sexual assault and another charge of entering a female recruit’s room and touching her feet while she was sleeping.

“He was also convicted for agreeing to let a trainee meet her boyfriend ‘after bed’ in exchange for a ‘favour’ and telling another to ‘get up and go’ so he could ‘ ‘could watch’ while wearing pyjamas,” reported the Daily Mail.

Joseph worked at Larkhill Royal School of Artillery, the Army’s main artillery warfare school, and the judge hearing the case told Joseph that he had crossed a line in his relationship with the “impressive” young recruits and that there are sexual connotations in his relationship behavior.

The verdict puts Joseph, who is married with two children, at risk of being deported to St. Vincent.

The court heard that Joseph gave young recruits his phone number and picked up take-out food for them.

The court also said he offered to squeeze the buttocks of a trainee in lieu of payment; He bought liquor bottles for recruits, and on one occasion he took a recruit out of camp when she wasn’t allowed to.

“He also texted an intern of Traveler heritage saying, ‘If I grab your hair, you become mine’ (referring to) a Traveler heritage custom,” reported the Daily Mail.

Also in January, three British soldiers from Chester Cottage ended up on trial. The army men are Brently Butler, Keithron Mills and Keri Phillips.

Butler dropped the charges against him on Friday, January 21. He was accused of unlawfully firing a firearm at Emi Balcombe at Langley Park on December 24, 2021 at Mt Young.

Butler was released because Balcombe failed to appear in court, even though he knew the matter should be heard.

On the other hand, Mills was not so lucky and was jailed a week (January 28) after his colleague was released.

He is currently serving a two-year, eight-month sentence for unlicensed possession of a .45 handgun in Georgetown on January 2, 2022.

Meanwhile, Phillips has been ordered by the Serious Offense Court (SOC) to appear before the High Court at the conclusion of his preliminary inquiry yesterday, January 31.

He is charged with committing an act on December 26, with intent to commit the offense of murdering Istah Mack, that was more than preparatory.

The local trials were and are overseen by the British Armed Forces and some of the trials were attended by Dean Goodey, Chief Petty Officer of the Royal Navy.

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