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The Castleford Tigers are proud supporters of the Armed Forces Community and we as an organization are proud to now have joined the Armed Forces Covenant.

The Armed Forces Covenant provides an opportunity for all organizations to demonstrate their support for the Armed Forces communities in the region. It serves as a promise that those who serve or have served in the armed forces and their families will be treated fairly.

Friday night’s Betfred Super League game against the Huddersfield Giants was in support of Armed Forces Day and the Tigers were thrilled to welcome members of local units to the field. Present that evening were: The Rifles 8 Foot Battalion, 6 Regiment RLC and Army Foundation College Harrogate along with many more serving staff and veterans from the Jungle crowd.

As seen live on Sky Sports, the match ball was presented by Bombardier Phillip Reed of the 4th Regiment Royal Artillery to referee Jack Smith, a former Royal Marine Commando, on the night, with students from the Army Foundation College forming an honor guard and waving of flags across the field of The Mend-A-Hose Jungle.

At half-time in the game, Castleford Tigers chairman Ian Fulton and Huddersfield chairman Ken Davy met on the pitch at Wheldon Road with Lieutenant Colonel Mark Laverick, commanding officer of 8 RIFLES, to sign the agreement and show our support to the armed forces Community in front of over 5,000 supporters.

As well as setting up the Fords in support of Armed Forces Day, 10% of profits from every sale of our Forces retail range goes as a charitable donation to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the British Army’s national charity which carries out this valuable work, the soldiers, veterans and their immediate families supported for life.

Castleford Tigers are now one of over 9,000 leading national support organizations to sign the agreement.

ABF The Soliders’ Charity Liaison Officer Jim Duffy spoke about the Tigers’ support for the armed forces community by hosting an event in support of Armed Forces Day and signing the agreement.

“Rugby League’s commitment to the armed forces increases every year and the support from the Tigers is fantastic.”

That evening, Bombardier Phillip Reed spoke about the Tigers’ game in support of the armed forces and the club that welcomed youth from the Army Foundation College: “It was a great opportunity for these young men and women to come out and see how much support the Army is getting from the community. It shows them the opportunities for young soldiers and they can proudly represent the AFC and the Army as a whole.”

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