China “blitzes US warships” in massive war games while planning “Pearl Harbor-style attacks” before invading Taiwan

According to Taiwanese officials, CHINA has been practicing “US ship blitz” in war games and planning Pearl Harbor-style attacks.

They said the simulated combat drills were intended to intimidate the US and discourage it from intervening in a Taiwan-China war.


Taiwan officials say China ‘blew up’ US ships in wargame exercises.Photo credit: AFP
A damning report shows how China will choke Taiwan off from the outside world in the event of war


A damning report shows how China will choke Taiwan off from the outside world in the event of warPhoto credit: China Military
Taiwan faces wave after wave of military intimidation from Beijing


Taiwan faces wave after wave of military intimidation from BeijingPhoto credit: China Military

It also warned that the drills are part of prepared plans to choke off Taiwan from vital energy sources.

Tensions between China and Taiwan have been at the breaking point since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi infuriated Beijing with a visit last month.

China claims the democratically governed Taiwan for itself – which the government in Taipei firmly rejects.

Taiwan’s defense ministry has submitted a report to its parliament detailing China’s well-oiled plans to invade the strategically important island.

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They said China will strike the first chain of islands, running from Japan through Taiwan, the Philippines and on to Borneo, with overwhelming air and ground power.

The report outlined how China has “deployed combat exercises to conduct simulated attacks on US ships entering the first island chain” – and warned Beijing of wanting to take control of the island by 2035.

Taiwan’s defense ministry said its bullying neighbor was intimidating Taiwan with military incursions aimed at “blunting” its morale and “enforcing negotiations with a war” and “enforcing unification with arms.”

It said Beijing could use elite special forces to “decapitate” Taiwan’s command systems and destroy infrastructure in the event of a strike.

The ministry also expects the Asian powerhouse to launch a damaging array of cyber and electronic attacks to disrupt communications lines.

The report outlined how President Xi Jinping’s forces would blockade Taiwan to ward off vital energy supplies and had designed civilian transport ships for annual amphibious exercises.

China has “significantly threatened our nation’s defense security and endangered peace, security and stability in the areas near the Taiwan Strait,” the report outlined, citing the recent round of looming war games aimed at preventing foreign forces from intervening in the attack.

It said China would also use “grey-zone tactics,” sending drones and inflatable boats into Taiwan’s territory and deploying a naval militia.

Beijing has not yet commented on the report.

show of force

It comes as the US sailed warships past Taiwan for the first time since Pelosi’s visit, as China put its forces on “high alert.”

The USS Antietam and USS Chancellorsville crossed the Taiwan Strait on Sunday — the first such transit since China conducted menacing military exercises around the island.

The US Navy said the move “demonstrates the United States’ commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

Beijing reacted furiously to Pelosi’s visit and staged its largest-ever military drills around the island.

China has used civilian transport ships in its annual amphibious exercises


China has used civilian transport ships in its annual amphibious exercisesPhoto credit: China Military

Those drills included launching multiple ballistic missiles into waters off Taiwan — some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Xi Jinping’s forces effectively blockaded the self-governing island in a terrifying test for invasion.

Such a conflict could draw the US and other allies into a disastrous superpower struggle, experts warn.

It comes as an expert said China is convinced it must hit America now “hard and early” in a Pearl Harbor-style surprise attack to invade Taiwan.

Oriana Skylar Mastro, a fellow at Stanford University, told The Sun Online how Beijing increasingly views an invasion of the island as inseparable from a war with the US.

Mastro told The Sun Online that this type of blockade wargame will become commonplace as the threat of war increases.

She said Beijing now believes it must also fight the US if it is to achieve its long-cherished goal of invading Taiwan and “reuniting” with the mainland.

Mastro believes that the most likely way such a conflict would unfold would be a Pearl Harbor-style attack on US forces in the region.

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It should seek to eliminate US forces so they could not respond to prevent China from gaining a foothold in Taiwan, which it considers its territory.

The strategy game would be an attempt to stop a major war – just like Japan had hoped when it attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 and dragged the US into World War II.

China launched war games in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosis' visit to Taiwan last month


China launched war games in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosis’ visit to Taiwan last monthPhoto credit: AFP

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