Coup government to use military force against tribal conflicts

Today, Friday, the Sudanese coup government began implementing the instructions of its deputy leader Dealing with tribal conflicts in the Darfur region with military determination.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Authorities in south Darfur in western Sudan said a “military plane” had landed in areas where tribal conflict had broken out south of the country’s capital, Nyala.

The State Security Committee held a lengthy meeting in Nyala on Friday, after which the arrival of military planes was announced.

the renewed conflict between the Rishow and fallata tribes took place in the southern regions of the state in the middle of the week and resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries.

State authorities were forced to send in military forces to prevent the two sides from turning on each other.

The renewed conflict led to the suspension of a reconciliation conference between the fallata and Ta’ishawhich was scheduled for late last week.

After today’s meeting, the South Darfur Security Committee said instructions were given to the military forces to deal resolutely with all gatherings in the tribal conflict areas.

It specifically warned against gatherings in the areas of “Mandowa, Majangari, Al-Qantour, Marmos, Al-Joghana and the areas of East Al-Tawil”.

Sovereignty Council Vice-Chairman, Rapid Support Militia leader Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo “Hemedti” this morning issued instructions to the South Darfur government and State Security Committee to resolve the tribal attacks militarily and “strike” with an iron fist against anyone breaking the law.”

According to a press statement, Hemedti instructed South Darfur’s commissioned governor, Hamid Mohamed Al-Tijani Hanun, and the State Security Committee to “use military force to disperse and prevent any tribal gatherings and to implement the emergency law without delay to resolve the tribal conflicts in South Darfur.” .”

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