Each stable & tag team that Scott Steiner was a part of, ranked from worst to best

Whether fans know him as Big Poppa Pump with “Steiner Math” or alongside his brother Rick as the Steiner Brothers, Scott Steiner has impacted the professional wrestling industry. Over several decades and through most major promotions, Steiner has carved out a solid career for himself that has now morphed into Hall of Fame-worthy recognition.

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Despite his success as a single star, Steiner’s most impressive stints as a wrestler were one tag team. While some were prolific and enhanced his career, there were also some smaller ones that didn’t enhance his career. Both the great and the not-so-great will happen in his career.

11 Scott Steiner & Test

When two wrestlers fight over one another’s affections, it rarely results in a good act. Unfortunately, the Scott Steiner and Test saga in which they feuded over Stacy Keibler was a direct example of this. What made it worse was that not only did they fight over her like a piece of property, they also teamed up several times before and after the feud.

Neither Steiner nor Test looked good during this inter-team rivalry as both appeared very misogynistic during the process. Combine that with the fact that both men ended up being the other’s servants due to game regulations, and there was little chance either one would end up looking good when all was said and done.

10 Scott Steiner & Eli Drake

Muddled tag teams sometimes have the advantage of being very successful when done with the right wrestlers at the right time. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and these teams sometimes struggle to navigate, especially when they don’t have a chance to succeed or are only together for a short time.

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When Scott Steiner was announced as Eli Drake’s partner at Impact Wrestling’s 2018 Redemption event, fans didn’t know what to think of the fortuitous pairing. While the pair won the Impact Tag Team Championship in their first appearance, they quickly lost it just two games later, after which they fell out.


9 The Millionaires Club

One of the main reasons WCW was defeated in the Monday Night Wars was its reliance on aging talent rather than focusing on newer and younger stars. In an art that imitates life, WCW worked this issue into a storyline in the form of The Millionaire’s Club vs. the New Blood faction.

Scott Steiner was one of the members of the Millionaire’s Club alongside faces like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair who tried to dismantle younger talent trying to climb the promotion. Despite all the hubbub surrounding the faction war, the team only lasted three months before it all fell apart.

8th Scott Steiner & Petey Williams

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then former Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Scott Steiner paid an incredible tribute. Williams, who dubbed himself Little Poppa Pump and came to the ring for several weeks in 2008 in Steiner’s signature chain mail attire, was trying to reinvent himself after several years with the same gimmick.

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While they initially bickered over the gimmick, they eventually hooked up for several months. While they wouldn’t accomplish much in terms of moving up the tag team ranks, it was still a fun way for Steiner to show his comedic side during his Impact Wrestling stint. Finally, in 2019, they would also add Jordynne Grace to the mix as Little Momma Pump.

7 Scott Steiner & Booker T

Within the Main Event Mafia, there were a few breakout couples within the faction who ended up achieving things outside of the group. Despite their previous feud in WCW, Scott Steiner and Booker T put aside their differences during their Impact Wrestling careers to form an easily successful tag team.

In 2009, they were able to win the Impact Tag Team Championship from one of the company’s most prolific tag teams, Beer Money. Steiner didn’t win many championships during his Impact Wrestling stints, and this championship run with his former rival was his first.

6 Christian’s coalition

Scott Steiner’s introduction to Impact Wrestling in 2007 put him squarely on the NWA World Heavyweight Championship scene, right alongside Champion Christian Cage. Listed as his specialty trainer, Steiner was responsible for Cage having a long run as champion and together with Tomko they formed Christian’s Coalition.

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After years as a fixture in WWE and WCW, Steiner was trying to make his mark in a new promotion. By starting Impact so big, he quickly rose to the top of the map and solidified himself as a force to still be reckoned with.

5 The glory seven

After his first-ever win at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2001, Steiner was finally at the top of the game at one of the biggest corporations in the world. To further cement himself as one of the top wrestlers, he became an integral part of Ric Flair’s Magnificent Seven stable.

Along with other members like his brother Rick and Le Luger, they wanted to rule the promotion with Steiner as champion. Unfortunately, although the group showed promise, the group disbanded after the announcement that WWE would be buying the promotion.

4 Immortal

When it comes to faction warfare at Impact Wrestling, the feud between Immortal and Fortune took up most of the airtime in 2011. Immortal – led by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishcoff – was the dominant faction and featured many of the company’s top stars, even controlling the TNA World Heavyweight Championship during their time as a group.

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Although Scott Steiner hasn’t accomplished much himself as a member of the stable, his name is still associated with the very dominant group. While Steiner was never able to hold a World Championship outside of WCW, his affiliation with the group brought him solid success during his time there.

3 New world order

There’s no denying the impact the New World Order had on professional wrestling, and its legacy lives on as one of WCW’s greatest creative victories. Beginning in 1996, the nWo continued to grow throughout the company’s history, eventually including not only most of the company’s members, but also offshoot groups.

In addition to being one of the members of the original nWo group, Scott Steiner ended up in most of the group’s iterations, including nWo Hollywood, Wolfpac Elite, and 2000 groups. In his foray into WCW’s main event scene, Steiner eventually led the nWo Hollywood group for a period and cemented himself as a top star.

2 The Main Event Mafia

When it comes to Scott Steiner’s most successful run during his many stints with Impact Wrestling, his stint as a member of The Main Event Mafia was his highlight. Alongside some of Impact’s most elite members, Steiner was part of the most dominant group the company had ever seen.

With Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, Booker T and Kevin Nash at the height of their power, they had a stranglehold on every active championship in the company. With so many stars in the group, every single member had a chance to shine, and Steiner looked like a true star as a member of this group.

1 The Steiner brothers

When it comes to career accomplishments, one cannot avoid mentioning his longtime team with his brother Rick Steiner. With incredible runs across numerous promotions, including the most tag team championships in WCW history, the Steiner Brothers have a legitimate claim to being one of the greatest tag teams in history.

While both Scott and Rick achieved some success as single stars in their careers, the most important parts of their story were when they worked together. No matter what would happen in their careers or how their bodies would change, they were always able to reunite and rule the tag team division at any point in their careers.

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