Ethiopia: Crisis group rejects false allegations against Ethiopia senior analyst


In this statement, Crisis Group corrects the record of William Davison, Senior Analyst for Ethiopia.

In late October, Ethiopian media spread several false and inflammatory allegations against the International Crisis Group’s senior analyst for Ethiopia, William Davison, including that he works for the US government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, and that he wants to defame Ethiopia’s military. We have written privately to both the Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio Network (ESAT) and the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) asking for these stories to be withdrawn. Since neither ESAT nor EPA replied to our letters, we are making this statement to correct the data set.

For more than 25 years, the Crisis Group has been one of the world’s leading non-governmental organizations working to prevent and contain deadly conflicts. In order to understand and analyze the dynamics and actors that can stir up conflicts, we speak to all sides, but we do not represent any. We conduct our research and publish our analysis and recommendations outdoors. Our only goal is to help all sides better understand how deadly conflicts can be avoided or mitigated and to take steps towards those goals.

Mr Davison’s work on Ethiopia follows this path. As a leading expert on the worsening situation in northern Ethiopia, Mr. Davison has alike sought to understand how the government and non-governmental groups could reduce tension and the violent impact that tension has on civilians. Claims that Mr. Davison has other interests or works for them are simply false.

The International Crisis Group remains committed to ending the war in Northern Ethiopia and conflict in other parts of the country.


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