Genesee County, to shed a (green) light on the challenges veterans of all military conflicts face



Press release:

Ahead of the upcoming Veterans Day holiday, Genesee County announced that the Old County Courthouse at 7 Main Street will be illuminated in green from November 7-13 as part of Operation Green Light.

This is a new joint initiative in support of veterans of all military conflicts, with a special focus on the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to raise awareness of the challenges many veterans face and the resources that exist in the county, state and There are federal levels available in the country to aid veterans and their families.

The collaboration was developed by the NYS Association of Counties and the NYS County Veteran Service Officers’ Association.

“While the end of the war in Afghanistan has drawn Americans’ attention to the immense casualties of American soldiers and soldiers, it has also put considerable pressure on many of the veterans who served in this conflict,” said the Legislature Chair. Rochelle M. Stein. . “We wanted to do something special this year to reach out to our veterans and let them know that their service counts and we are grateful.”

In addition to lighting district buildings, residents are encouraged to participate by simply replacing a lightbulb in their home with a green lightbulb. This can be an outside light that neighbors and passers-by can see, or an inside light that stimulates a conversation with friends.

By giving the green light, we let veterans know that they are seen, valued, and supported. While this event focuses on the week of Veterans Day, November 7-13, attendees are encouraged to shine the light all year round.

With the hashtag #OperationGreenLight, residents can share their participation on social media.

“Operation Green Light is an opportunity to support our veterans and raise awareness of the challenges they face. “We encourage everyone to join forces with us to give our veterans the go-ahead and also to contact the vets in your life to come back and let them know that you are with them and that you have your back. “

For veteran information and resources, please contact:

Veterans Service Agency, Genesee County Building # 2, 3837 West Main Street Road, Batavia, NY 14020. Phone: 585-815-7905. Fax: 585-345-3085

E-mail: [email protected]. Website:


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