Greater Manchester Police Department is recognized for providing support to the armed forces community


GREATER Manchester Police (GMP) has been recognized again for its commitment to supporting the armed forces community.

On Thursday, the Soldering On Awards announced that GMP had won the award for the Working Together category, which honors an organization for its continued efforts to collaborate and support the military community.

There are around 250,000 members of the armed forces in Greater Manchester, many of whom interact with GMP, whether as work colleagues, victims, or witnesses of crimes or perpetrators.

GMP Support Our Armed Forces Steering Group is committed to ensuring that every time veterans have contact with GMP, they receive all the extra support they need.

This included some exemption for military service graduates wishing to join GMP who cannot keep the recruitment process timeline due to military obligations, and the creation of a network of 35 army leaders across all counties and branches to be the point of contact for their area , as well as 120 armed forces fighters across the force who identify and interact with perpetrators, victims and members of the armed forces community.

GMP employs around 1,100 people in the armed forces and recognizes the skills of these reservists and veterans, particularly in their specialist departments such as firearms and counter-terrorism.

Veterans are encouraged to join these teams to maximize their military capabilities.

The troops are also best at referring to Project Nova, which supports veterans who have been arrested or are under threat of arrest.

In 2020, the police force will become one of only five police officers to earn gold status on the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme awards.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Sykes said, “Members of the armed forces have a wide range of skills and experience that can be used as a force to provide the best possible service to the Greater Manchester public.

“In addition to recognizing these skills, it is important that we also recognize and offer the support that this part of our community needs – be it as our colleagues or as victims or perpetrators of crime.

“The steps the GMP Steering Group has taken to support our armed forces, such as implementing a system in our detention rooms that directs those who should be identified as veterans for further assistance, or important information for the armed forces community on our intranet site shares have benefited many veterans as they got used to civilian life.

“We strive to be the most army-friendly police force in the country and will continue to work hard to influence and support other forces across the country to create a nationwide network within the police force to support our armed force community.”

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