Historical society hosts opening day membership education

PORT CLINTON – The Catawba Island Historical Society (CIHS) is making great efforts to meet its membership goal for calendar year 2022, an important goal as it is membership dues that primarily support the organization’s operations Union Chapel Museum.

“We do not charge guests to visit the museum,” said David Wonnell, president of CIHS. “We instead rely on grants, gifts and—most importantly—member support for the funding that allows us to assemble and maintain our exhibits and displays.”

Thanks to the 1812 Food and Spirits restaurant in Port Clinton, the Catawba Island Historical Society is conducting one final membership draw as the museum opens May 14 for its fifth season. The $600 prize, sponsored by the restaurant, is a private Wente Vineyards Wine Dinner for up to six guests.

Only current annual and lifetime members of CIHS are eligible to win.

“We hope this event will stimulate both the renewal and new memberships we depend on to keep the museum’s content fresh and relevant,” said Wonnell. “This is the perfect opportunity for those who wished to join the Historical Society. The draw will take place at 12:00 p.m. You don’t have to be there to win, but why miss out on the opening day fun!”

The Historical Society offers two types of annual memberships. Initial curator membership fees are $100 per year. Fees for the second membership, Historian Membership, are $25 per year. A one-time investment of $1,000 earns lifetime membership in the organization’s Council of Nabagon.

“Our store is named after one of America’s most important military conflicts,” said Kevin Lowe, owner of 1812 Food and Spirits. From Commodore Perry’s famous War of 1812 on Lake Erie to the individual stories of our local settlers and pioneers, we believe the heritage of this area should be preserved for future generations. We are excited to help the Catawba Island Historical Society fulfill their mission to do just that.”

To become a member of the Historical Society so you can enter the prize draw, go to catawbaislandhistoricalsosociety.com.

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