Huge EU breakup erupts after Germany makes major U-turn on supporting Ukraine | Politics | news

Germany faces a major reversal after blocking EU countries from training Ukrainian forces before Vladimir Putin invades the country.

Last week, Spanish politician Josep Borrell, who serves as the Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the EU, suggested that EU countries would start training Ukrainian soldiers to help them in their fight against Russian aggression support – a policy that the UK has already implemented successfully.

However, this is not the first time the proposal has been presented. Just before Moscow launched its invasion in February, a similar plan was presented to EU countries to bring Ukraine’s armed forces up to NATO standards.

Some EU countries rejected the plan – above all Germany. The countries, including Italy, Cyprus and Greece, feared that such training would unnecessarily exacerbate tensions with Russia. The training mission was supported by the eastern and Baltic EU countries – those closest to Russia.

Nevertheless, Berlin urged sending cash to Kyiv instead of military trainers.

In February, Putin launched his invasion, straining relations with the EU and the West. Germany is now supplying Ukraine with weapons and equipment after a slow start criticized by Kyiv. Germany will probably now make another U-turn and support the training of Ukrainian troops in the EU.

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