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Sri Lanka’s policy of appeasement has betrayed the nation and the armed forces at the UNHRC
Posted on 09/13/2022

Shenali D. Waduge

It is now 13 years since the LTTE was defeated. Let’s get to the point and lay out the reason why Sri Lanka is still struggling to end the witch hunts that are taking place and besmirching the good name of the nation and its armed forces. The fault lies entirely with the foreign policy advisers, the legal teams, the AG department of successive governments since 2009. From the foreign minister down, the advice has been ‘don’t upset the UN’, ‘the foreign envoys don’t want Sri Lanka to Questions asks questions” “our help could be cut if we ask the right questions” and so on.

When allegations of war crimes first surfaced – the government should not have asked direct questions

  • Submit the police report by family name and identify the missing persons
  • Why weren’t the “missing persons” reported to the President’s Missing Persons Commission, or the OISL, or the HRCSL, or even websites so the GoSL and Intel could verify that the named persons even existed? Anyone can name names, but were they held hostage by the LTTE, did the LTTE take them by force, did they go with the LTTE voluntarily, were they members of the LTTE’s civilian armed forces, were they killed by the LTTE and if anyone claims they were killed by Sri Lankan forces, they have to provide evidence. Not well funded tamashas & sensationalism.

When UNHRC resolutions surfaced from 2012 – where were the Sri Lankan Government/Ministry of Foreign Affairs lawyers?

  • Have they dealt with the legal aspects of the resolutions?
  • Have they questioned how a personally commissioned report by the Secretary General of the United Nations, which had no UNSC or UNGA mandate and was leaked and not even submitted to the UNHRC for an official Sri Lankan response, is being used against Sri Lanka could?
  • Why haven’t these lawyers questioned the joint statement alleging Sri Lanka agreed to open an investigation – there was no such joint statement. Who was the Secretary of State, who was the Secretary of State, who were our representatives at the UN/UNHRC at the time?
  • If we were too shy to ask direct questions, why didn’t we ask the questions diplomatically instead of agreeing to the implementation of 13a? What does 13a have to do with ending terrorism? Didn’t we have a foreign minister asking this question on the floors of the UNHRC?
  • When the UNHRC started interfering in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs in its proposals, which went as far as questioning the judiciary and our judges, demanding Sri Lanka delegate powers, annul terrorist attacks, etc. – why do we have UN/UNHRC not shown that they violate the UN Charter Article 2(7)

When UN officials/foreign diplomats/foreign MPs parroted “war crimes” “genocide” and even attended events commemorating the supposed “dead”.

  • Why didn’t the Sri Lankan government ask their officials to ask themselves if the “dead” for whom they shed tears were LTTE dead or civilian dead / LTTE civilian army dead or actual civilians who did not take part in hostilities?
  • Why has no one asked how they died – because any civilian who took part in hostilities, either willingly or by force, and dies has no right to claim to be a civilian. Anyone accusing Sri Lankan forces of killing must first prove they were civilians. Why didn’t we ask for that answer?
  • Why have Sri Lankan officials asked those who have made allegations – how the Sri Lankan armed forces can kill 40,000 or more (while the LTTE and the armed forces are shooting at each other) and dig graves to move those 40,000 or more? Even a child will be amazed how this is even remotely possible.
  • Why didn’t Sri Lanka ask UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon if he saw MASS GRAVES when he flew over the conflict zone with other foreign dignitaries 3 days after the end of the conflict? If 40,000 or more were killed, surely their bodies must be shoved into mass graves, and those graves should have been observed from helicopters if they actually existed.
  • Why hasn’t Sri Lanka insisted on answers to these questions – because the UNHRC has so far made wild accusations while Sri Lanka simply doesn’t attack with counter-questions. The failure to implement an appeasement policy since 2010 is why our armed forces are unnecessarily humiliated and hit with international bans for no reason.
  • Sri Lanka finds itself in this predicament 13 years after the end of the conflict because the Sri Lankan government has failed to ask direct questions and keeps asking questions until they get answers.
  • Why has Sri Lanka failed to consult the EU about Yasmin Sooka – she was an EU official appointed to run an NGO to deal with matters affecting South Africans. How did she put an anti-Sri Lankan project ITJP into this South African initiative? Why has the Sri Lankan government not consulted the EU on this questionable role? She has been spreading more anti-Sri Lankan reports among this South African NGO than serving the South Africans. Why did GoSL fail to require Sooka to provide lists of civilians instead of LTTE “missing persons”? Why haven’t GoSL officials questioned Sooka’s reports and called for evidence instead of glossy propaganda?
  • Why did GoSL fail to point out that the conflict in Sri Lanka was not ethnic but terrorist. Sinhalese and Tamils ​​have never fought with guns and ammunition. The LTTE has killed more Tamils ​​than anyone cares to count. Why should Sri Lanka agree to Truth & Reconciliation – why should Sri Lanka reconcile with terrorists & no truth must omit the role of foreign countries, foreign intelligence, the Church & international NGOs linked to the LTTE in assisting the LTTE terror . Why has GoSL failed to address these key issues instead of sheepishly accepting every shit that is hurled at Sri Lanka in Geneva each year.
  • Sri Lankan governments and officials have failed to use the pen as the Sri Lankan armed forces used their weapons as the LTTE fronts use their pen to secure what the LTTE failed to do with the weapon while Sri Lankan officials continue humbly follow the line of appeasement without contesting the facts and demanding evidence.

All that Sri Lankan officials and ministers do at the end in Geneva is proud to acknowledge how Sri Lanka has followed every UNHRC request, instead of asking the questions that would silence the UNHRC.

Because of this stupidity, the armed forces cannot enjoy the victory over terrorism they deserve and are hit with stupid bans just to conduct the fake witch-hunt for geopolitical goals.

While UN/UNHRC has been criticized – particularly the GoSL and officials, the legal teams have let down the nation and the armed forces.

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