Lavrov castigates US “hysteria” over Russian military exercises – Russian Politics & Diplomacy


MOSCOW, November 30th. / TASS /. The US is fueling tensions over exercises by the Russian armed forces, even though the country is surrounded by American military bases, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday.

“We have been faced with allegations of exercises by the Russian armed forces that Russia is conducting on its own territory, from countries that are bringing huge amounts of troops and military equipment across the ocean to our borders,” Lavrov told a conference audience from the Gorchakov Foundation organized in support of public diplomacy.

The accusations and the fact that the USA have set up military bases around Russia have now become something “that every student knows,” emphasized the top diplomat.

“And yet this hysteria is constantly being fueled” about the exercises, he said.

“The efforts of the West to maintain its hegemony at all costs run counter to the objective course of history because there are China, India, Brazil and development centers in Africa, Latin America and Asia,” he said. “A multipolar world order is being formulated,” he said.

Moscow advocates that the entire multilateral process should focus on agreements and consensus-based solutions, Lavrov said. Russia is ready to compromise and has repeatedly shown its willingness to negotiate.


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