Live updates on Ukraine-Russia war: Heavy fighting in Mariupol as Russia tries to take city, Britain says

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By Michael Doyle

Local media reports about explosions in Kherson

A series of explosions were heard in the occupied southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, local media reports.

There was no official information about the attack.

There were also unconfirmed media reports of explosions in the western Ukrainian city of Ternopil.


By Michael Doyle

Germany is calling on the West to agree on further sanctions against Russia after the Bucha murders

Germany says the West will agree to impose more sanctions on Russia in the coming days after Ukraine accused Russian forces of war crimes near Kyiv, adding to the already huge economic pressure on Russia over its invasion.

After the United States and its allies imposed crippling sanctions, Russia’s economy faces its worst crisis since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

On Sunday, Russia denied its armed forces were responsible for the deaths of civilians in the city of Bucha and said Ukraine staged “a performance” for Western media.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said the European Union should talk about ending Russian gas imports.

“Putin and his supporters will face the consequences of their actions,” Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in a statement to reporters.


By Michael Doyle

Russia has been accused of renewed war crimes by Ukraine and the EU

Several organizations – including the European Union and Human Rights Watch (HRW) – have accused Russia of committing war crimes in the city of Bucha, just outside Kyiv, after pictures were released showing bodies lining the streets there.

Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk said 300 residents were killed during a month-long occupation by Russian forces.

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Warning: This article contains graphic content that may disturb some readers.

By Michael Doyle

Britain says heavy fighting continues in Mariupol

Military intelligence in the UK says Ukrainian forces still control central areas of Mariupol while Russia continues to strike.

“The city continues to face intense, indiscriminate attacks, but Ukrainian forces are putting up steadfast resistance and maintaining control in key areas,” the defense ministry said.

By Michael Doyle

Good Morning

It’s fast approaching 1am in Kyiv as fighting continued over the weekend.

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