Mass Effect: The Citadel Council revealed


The Citadel Council of Mass Effect is made up of the most powerful races in the galaxy and is the ultimate governing body in the Council Space.

By doing Mass effect Trilogy, Commander Shepard faced loads of opposition, from Saren and the Geth to the Collectors and Reapers. With that in mind, it’s a bit of a surprise that one of the biggest obstacles Shepard faces is often the Governing Body that is supposed to protect the Milky Way. Reluctant to grant any kind of real power to people – who are still a very young race by their standards when it comes to progress – this has become a point of contention for human politicians like Donnel Udina, who believed that humanity was greater as proven.

Granting Shepard the status of the first human ghost was a big deal, but even that advancement did little to add to the influence of humanity. When Shepard brought them news of Saren Arterius’ betrayal, the council hesitated to believe a man’s word instead of theirs. To make matters worse, they were less inclined to believe the commander when they started talking about the inevitable Reaper invasion, even with the evidence that the sovereigns tore the citadel apart before their very eyes.

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Commander Shepard and the Citadel Council

The council was founded in 500 BC. Founded by the Asari and the Salarians, the first two races to reach space and discover the citadel. At the time of discovery, they believed the Citadel was built by the Protheans before mysteriously disappearing from the galaxy, though this eventually turned out to be false and the origins of the Citadel and its strange guardians remained a mystery. It was the asari who originally proposed teaming up with the salarians to form a governing body on board the ship, and in time they welcomed ambassadors from the Volus, Elcor, Quarians, Hanar and Batarian to meet their people at the citadel represented.

The turians, asari, and salarians, made up of a single representative from each of the galaxy’s three dominant races, each brought a unique aspect to government. The asari tend to play diplomatic roles, while the salarians act as intelligence agents and the turians provide militaristic support. Although these races welcome other galactic species to have associate membership through their ambassadors at the Citadel, the other species are given very little to no actual power over the fate of the galaxy, despite their suggestions being considered by the council.

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After stumbling across the rachni, the council races realized the threat they posed. It was the salarians who shook hands with the primitive krogan race that had lived in the ruins of their homeworld on Tuchanka. Seeing the strength they could muster against the rachni threat, the salarians raised the krogan and provided them with technological advances in exchange for their barbaric efforts to stop the rachni. Unfortunately, after the rachni were eradicated, the salarians found that raising the krogan was a grave mistake and it would not be long before they overran and dominated the galaxy.

Citadel Council with Udina

They began fighting the krogan in hopes of stopping their violent spread across the galaxy. But only when they met the turians and allied with them could they finally put the krogan back in their place. The salarians designed the genophage, a biological weapon that would greatly reduce the krogan’s ability to reproduce at such an alarming rate, and the turians used it against them. Because of their efforts against the krogan, the turians became the third dominant race to rule the rest of the galaxy into the council’s core government structure.

Over time, the turians eventually encountered humanity, who had recently discovered and entered galactic space with the Charon Relay. Believing their invasion to be a violation of galactic law, the turians attacked, which quickly escalated into what humankind referred to as the First Contact War. Before the war became devastating, the council intervened, revealed itself to humanity, and welcomed them into the galactic bosom.

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Mankind, who had made significant technological advances thanks to the discovery of the Mass Relay Network and other sentient beings in the Milky Way, faced the limitations of Galactic Law when Council Specter Saren Arterius discovered they were building with and with artificial intelligence you experimented. During that time, Human Alliance soldier David Anderson was on the roster to become the first human Specter, but Saren sabotaged his efforts when he blew up a refinery full of innocents and blamed Anderson.

It was only when Commander Shepard became the first human ghost, revealing Saren’s underhanded dealings and his Geth and Reaper Sovereign affiliation, that humanity finally gained hold over the council. Humanity was offered an official position on the council for Shepard’s efforts to stop Saren during his attack on the citadel. However, it was only a matter of years before Udina betrayed the council and tried to sell her to Cerberus so that humanity could get the upper hand. Despite Udina’s actions, Shepard’s work in stopping him and the Reaper threat proved that while some humans were unwilling to rule the galaxy, there were humans capable of galactic cooperation and peace.

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