Military policy for testing, quarantine in armed forces

Posted by Ajit K Dubey |
01/10/2022 3:25 PM IS

New Delhi, India, January 10 (ANI): Amid rising cases of COVID-19, the country’s top medical authority for the Defense Forces, has released a policy on testing and quarantine in services that says the infection-caused Omicron variant of the coronavirus is less pathogenic than the Delta and Beta variants of the Virus.
The policy, which is now being implemented across all three
Defense Forces and the Indian Coast Guard, says people have extra protection from the infection due to being vaccinated or being naturally infected with the disease.
“An infection caused by the Omicron variant is primarily an infection of the upper respiratory tract (several studies have conclusively demonstrated the high viral load only in the upper respiratory tract and a very low virus replication in the lung tissue), which is asymptomatic and slightly more symptomatic due to the large number Cases is confirmed, “reads the policy of the General Directorate of the Medical Service of the Armed Forces, headed by Vice Admiral Rajat Datta.
“The virus is inherently less pathogenic than the Delta and Beta variants; additional protection is provided by immunity (either from natural infection or from vaccination). In view of the above, quarantine is not justified, ”the directive says.
The policy stated that due to the “extremely high portability” of the Omicron variant, it is very likely that infected individuals in Defense Forces quarantine facilities would transmit the virus to uninfected personnel during the quarantine period, leading to cluster outbreaks at quarantine centers.
“This was also the experience in both the first and second waves of the pandemic, when significant cluster outbreaks were recorded in armed forces quarantine centers,” it said.
The guideline issued by DGAFMS states: “In view of the above, it is recommended that the armed forces‘ travel-related quarantine” is more of an exception than a rule and only applicable to certain service conditions where sudden staff reductions are possible “. have a direct impact on operational aspects. “
Regarding testing staff for infection, the policy said, “Asymptomatic staff should not be subjected to tests that include staff returning from vacation, those identified through contact tracing, and asymptomatic household contacts.”
The directive states that, under the prevailing conditions, the rampant transmission of the virus in the community “has lost the role of contact tracing and should only be limited to specific situations such as cluster outbreaks”.
The directive also makes it clear that exit tests on discharge from hospital are only required for people who are seriously ill.
“Asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic cases and those with moderate disease do not require a discharge test,” it said.
The DGAFMS is the highest medical authority of the three defense forces and was the most important body in the fight against COVID in the armed forces. (ANI)

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