Nobunaga’s Ambition: Rebirth in Japan Postponed to Early 2022; Debut trailer, details and screenshots


Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Kou Shibusawa have been delayed Nobunaga’s ambition: rebirth from the previously planned release window of 2021 in Japan to early 2022. Platforms have yet to be announced.

Here are the latest details on the game’s official website:

Warlords powered by artificial intelligence

The warlords you command become “retainers” who act at their own discretion and support the player in his goal of uniting the whole country! Experience the history of the Warring State daimyo firsthand in this reborn one Nobunaga’s ambition like you’ve never seen it before.

The fate of your armed forces rests in the hands of the warlords, who act on their own terms

Retainers choose the best course of action and act without player intervention. They will make suggestions to develop their armed forces, expand their territory and respond to invasion by enemy forces. In addition, on the battlefield, you will have to assess the situation and march forward, make suggestions and so on in order to overcome the impasse. Manage your armed forces and expand your territory – the fate of your armed forces depends heavily on your vassals.

Move history together as a ruler and a ruler

As a daimyo, you will be assisted by your vassals, but you will also guide your vassals, directing their path, giving them instructions at times, and walking the path to unite the land together. In order to expand the country, it is best to leave the castles and districts under your rule to your vassals as “fiefs” and to let them rule. The development of your armed forces depends on the suitability of the warlords who have been granted the fief. Over 2,200 warlords appear in the game. Understanding their various abilities and personalities, and exercising the power of your vassals, will put you to the test as a daimyo from the Warring States era.

Challenge a variety of battlefields

There are two types of conflicts: Country Map Conflicts and “Battles” in which you command troops directly on the battlefield. In a battle, the route of the march and the control of “key points” have a significant impact on the state of the battle. Whether you respect the suggestions and judgments of your vassals or issue your own orders, read the state of the battle and achieve victory.

Check out a new trailer below. Check out a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

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