Police, Armed Forces authorized to use the force necessary to prevent violence in Sri Lanka

Colombo, July 8 (AdaDerana) — The defense minister says police and armed forces are empowered to use necessary force against those who endanger or harm the public, engage in anti-social activities or cause property damage.

Secretary of Defense Rtd. Gen Kamal Gunaratne said there was information that certain elements were trying to incite violence under the guise of peaceful protests.

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In a video statement released tonight, Gunaratne urged all citizens to act patiently and refrain from unlawful acts during these trying times.

“The Sri Lanka Police and the Three Armed Forces have been empowered to take action against anyone who engages in any form of violence. We have called on the public to give their support to the security forces, who are always working to protect the motherland and the people,” Gunaratne said.

The defense secretary’s statement comes on the eve of island-wide protests set to take place against the president and government.

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