Priceless advice that saved the Undertaker from a terrible fall


WWE’s Invasion Angle is likely one that has had immense financial success for the company. For fans, it was a dream come true to compete against wrestlers from rival promotions. Some of the WWE legends involved in it included The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, The Rock, and many others.


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Now Lance Storm came to WWE during the invasion. Of course, he worked with many talents, including The Undertaker. He recently revealed a story about the trust the pro wrestlers had in one another. Even if they worked against each other on television.

He revealed that Taker had to split up into a group of WCW men, and if neither of them took the impact, The Deadman would crash into the concrete floor.


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To save him from this fate, Lance shortly before pulled Storm Taker aside and asked him to dive on Bill DeMott. He was the only one who would actually take the impact and keep Taker from falling on the cold, hard floor!

Though they were from rival promotions and WCW and ECW men had to find their place in the WWE, The Phenom heard the advice. He jumped on DeMott and the man took the impact off.

While the feud may have continued on-screen for fans, the pro wrestlers really were brothers taking care of each other!


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in about 3 hours

The Undertaker played an important role during the invasion

The invasion angle came after Vince McMahon’s company took over the rival WCW and ECW promotions. Pro-wrestlers from the two companies joined forces to form The Alliance. Shane McMahon turned out to be the real owner of WCW.


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Throughout this entire act, The Undertaker fought continually with WCW men to uphold the honor of the WWE.

In the 2001 Survivor Series, Team WWF (WWE) – The Rock, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Kane and Big Show – competed against The Alliance – Kurt Angle, Booker T, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shane McMahon and Rob Van Dam.


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This was one of the biggest matches of the year because it determined which company would actually stay, WWE or WCW.

Eventually, The Rock defeated Austin with the rock bottom, making sure WWE took the win while WCW was disbanded.

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