Ra’am MK: We will not leave the coalition when the Gaza conflict breaks out


Ra’am MK Walid Taha confirmed in an interview with Channel 12’s Meet the Press on Saturday night that his party will not leave the coalition even if conflict breaks out with Gaza.

“We don’t like wars, whether they are waged by the current one, the previous one or the next,” said Taha, emphasizing that a conflict in Gaza is not a test for the government.

“The test should be what needs to be done to enable the people of Gaza to live and thereby ensure the security of the State of Israel,” said Taha. “Talking about operations and war all the time is the easiest thing to do, and it is usually done by the reporters or the enemy parties to embarrass them, to put them in an awkward situation.”

“What’s the alternative?” asked the MK in the Channel 12 interview. “Let’s say there comes a situation where, God forbid, there is war with Gaza. So what? We have left the coalition, the government that will come afterwards [this] Government will do good to Gaza? “

Taha emphasized that Ra’am wants to influence both peace and war matters. “We want peace – we want the State of Israel to promote issues that enable a life in dignity.”

During Israeli rocket strikes in Gaza City on Sept.

Despite Taha’s remarks, not all coalition members have expressed the same opinion. Earlier this month, Meretz MK Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi Kan told Arabic-language radio station that “[Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett knows that if there is a military conflict, the coalition will break up because of Meretz and Ra’am [United Arab List] won’t agree to that. “

Regarding the Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison, Taha said, “We are unfortunately under an occupation and when there is an occupation there is resistance and there are prisoners.”

“Most of the time, this issue of prisoners has reminded the world that there is a people here who are suffering from the occupation. On this side, too, the state of Israel has to think differently about occupation of another people, “Taha told Channel 12.” This situation is a situation that reminds us that something has to happen, also on the political front. “

The MK complained that when the Israeli government fails on any issue, there are usually people who blame Arab Israelis.

“I don’t like it. Arab citizens have always shown a complete understanding of being Israeli citizens, but also a complete understanding of being part of the Palestinian people,” added Taha. “The Arab population cannot ostensibly be put to this test if the system fails.

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