School in Delhi to prepare a group of 200 students for the armed forces | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: As the Delhi government prepares to enroll the first group of students in the Armed Forces Preparatory School (AFPS), retired army officers are being harnessed to lead the students. The first group will have 200 students: 120 boys and 80 girls.
The establishment of the AFPS, part of the Schools of Specialized Excellence (SoSEs), was announced during the 2021 Deshbhakti budget. For the time being there will only be one AFPS.
A senior government official said: “The purpose of having a SoSE in each zone was to ensure that children could access these institutes in their neighborhood. However, the AFPS will be a residential school. A 14-acre lot has been allocated for the same.”
The school will have separate housing blocks for boys and girls, an administrative block and an academic block, apart from a canteen, training and play areas.
The establishment of Sainik schools was another key promise in the budget, but as these required consultations with the central government, not much progress had been made there, the official said.
Like other SoSEs, the AFPS curriculum will have two parts: first, undergraduate studies as part of the International Baccalaureate program, and second, specialized courses. “We are planning to bring in retired Bundeswehr officers who will help shape the training process. The specializations and modalities for proficiency and physical exams are being worked out,” the official added.
In the first year, students in grades IX and XI study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
The school will have an academic and a pre-service wing. In grades IX and X, the basics are taught in subjects such as mathematics, English, Hindi (spoken and written), natural sciences and social sciences. The other half of the curriculum will help students improve a variety of attributes and skills aside from participating in military-related activities.

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