The 10 coolest subreddits & communities featured in R/Place, ranked

In a fascinating example of how the internet works together and apart, Reddit has opened /r/place for the first time in five years. /r/place is a digital canvas, freely accessible to everyone, created on the content aggregator’s website. This year has been no less chaotic than the first iteration, launched on April 1, 2017, where communities evolved around simple ideas and pre-existing communities evolved coordinated attempts to be represented.

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But it’s worth noting that the space wasn’t without drama. Many smaller communities and passion projects have expressed frustration with streamers, flags, and the general tendency of larger groups to eat up as much space as possible. But through it all, The Place has become a piece of internet history, with a little bit of everyone in it.


The Fantasy Coalition

/r/Place's Fantasy Coalition featuring logos from many literary series

In one of many examples of community collaboration, the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Coalition was a collaborative effort by fans of literature’s greatest book series, such as: Lord of the Rings. Dozens of communities worked on the project, including those on Reddit Harry Potter, Red Riseand game of Thrones communities. This group demonstrated an impressive level of coordination and collaboration, creating something that was as collaborative as it was individual.

A great example of this collaboration and coordination is the grayscale theme of the boundary-defining sandworm dune takes over at the top, where it meets /r/OnePiece’s Gold Roger image. The groups are characterized by their love of fantasy series, and they’ve found a way to build something even better by incorporating their works.


The German flag on /r/place

One of the most controversial examples of communities occupying large areas has been the flags. It’s easy to build communities around flags and just build and expand on them. These two facts are why many of the earliest projects built on /r/place are national flags from around the world.

The German flag erupted early and quickly spread, reaching across Place’s entire canvas. This frustrated many smaller projects that were bullied in the process, especially as the flag propagated more aggressively with each expansion of /r/place.

/r/The Blue Corner

The Blue Corner is a sort of callback to the first /r/ location. In an example of a simple concept that people are rallying around, the Blue Corner was just that – the bottom right corner of the canvas that the community was keen to keep blue. Even when the canvas was expanded (three times!), the corner remained blue.

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This corner is not without drama, however. Towards the end of the event, Russian streamer Bratishkinoff undertook his own coordinated effort to make a name for himself on the site. The white-haired boy in the froggy hat took over much of the corner on the final day, frustrating the blue corner holdouts who held their position as best they could.


If there were a word to sum up /r/place it would be “anarchy”. This is why /r/AnarchyChess has developed such a firm grip on its territory at the top of the canvas. /r/AnarchyChess is a chess humor subreddit that’s remarkably active for its size. The most common jokes revolve around en-passant and other absurd moves.

The fact that the subreddit embraces anarchy gave them a perfect opportunity to incorporate other communities into their work while developing their own. It’s hard to tell where the game went in the final moments of /r/place, but with a full board of characters ranging from Shadow the Hedgehog to Wario and Luigi, everyone seemed to be winning.

/r/place trees

In another simple concept that quickly grew, /r/PlaceTrees evolved from a simple love of nature and a simple way to take full advantage of the simple color palette made available to users. This community project has ebbed and flowed many times over the life of /r/place this year, but it found many supporters from surprising places.

For example, /r/Trees is the subreddit dedicated to marijuana enthusiasts, and in an ironic twist, /r/MarijuanaEnthusiasts is the subreddit dedicated to trees and their gardening. Both communities have been involved in the development and propagation of trees over the /r/place whitespace.


Kirby's appearance in one of many images on /r/place

When doodling on a piece of paper, most people default to using simple smileys, shapes, and colors (if they have any). These three facets are the essence of kirby, the recently released Pink Puffball video game character. Kirby’s main ability is to copy others and provide ways to integrate other communities and concepts.

The simplicity of its pink and round shape, coupled with its recent surge in popularity, provided /r/place users with an actual character to recreate, including several on each expansion of the canvas. Whether big or small, this adorable pink character was easy for users to gather and make an effort.

Ukraine support

Image of the Ukrainian flag stretching over /r/place

In a rare instance where the internet community came together to support a common cause, one of the strongest and most enduring flags on the map was the Ukrainian flag. Supporting Ukraine was a small but meaningful show of support from all of the communities that have worked around and with the flag to preserve that statement on the current war.

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Support for Ukraine ran through all communities as the event continued from the start, and many communities and projects took steps to incorporate the colors of the flag – yellow and blue – into their work.

/r/Star Wars

Two examples of Star Wars art on /r/place

What should come as a surprise to few is that a multi-billion dollar franchise with millions of fans is able to create and maintain multiple works of art on screen. the war of stars Franchise was very well represented on /r/place with two major artworks – the first and most iconic war of stars Posters as well as the lightsaber duel Anakin and Obi-Wan.

These large-scale works of art were among the first to be drawn from the “Between us Pest: – the rapidly expanding insertion of Between us Turn characters or “beans” into intricate works of art where they wouldn’t be noticed. But despite the different franchises, war of stars Fans seemed to embrace the suspicious characters.


/r/OnePiece's artwork, including a backshot of the pirate crew and a close-up of Gold Roger

One piece is one of the longest-running anime and manga series today, which started in the late 90’s and continues to this day. The series is fast approaching its finale, and fans are at the peak of their power – as evidenced by their two large-scale and well-coordinated artworks on the /r/place canvas.

As mentioned above, one of these pieces sits above the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Coalition and is a recreation of the manga panel featuring the legendary in-universe character Gold Roger. The other image was created on the final stretch of the canvas and shows a rear view of the main members of the Straw Hat Pirates crew.

The emptiness

/r/Place's 'Void' complete with crying blood face

One of the most controversial and contrasting images taken on /r/place didn’t really have a single community behind it. Streamer XQC claims a lot of responsibility, but the Void appeared long before he cared, and it probably wouldn’t have needed much guidance. The void is a general term for the large-scale distribution of black pixels across the screen – and what normally appears out of it.

The void appeared and disappeared several times over the course of /r/place, especially when the canvas was expanded. The white area of ​​a blank page is intimidating, so many people follow their first urge and cover it with black. Out of the black space would emanate disturbing images of skeletons, eerie horrors, and other visceral images, which are probably the purest forms of internet doodling. All of this happened with relatively little coordination – only the Internet community left its mark.

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