The Informer: Australia Day if the rivalries aren’t what you’d expect | magnet

With all that this time of year has to offer us in Australia, important moments are sometimes lost.

They are being swept along in an avalanche of what sometimes begins as patriotism but veers uncomfortably toward nationalism, regardless of our nation’s long indigenous history.

And then there’s the annual clash between sport, science and culture that traditionally features on the Australia Day honors list. Well we don’t even go there, thank you very much.

But here’s a story that broke a few hours ago, and no doubt much more is to come.

As might be expected, the opposition said it was “completely unacceptable” that Senator Colbeck went to cricket instead of “showing up and doing his job”. And, as might be expected, the senator’s spokesman has called the claims “completely misguided.” The outrage on both sides was genuine.

As elsewhere in Canberra today, as 2021 Australian of the Year Grace Tame met Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Ms Tame, a survivor of child sexual abuse, has been vocal in criticizing the coalition government’s response to women’s safety issues. Over morning tea she made her displeasure clear, and as she shook hands with the Prime Minister, there wasn’t much warmth. Watch the video here.

Wow, a choice. Who knew there was a choice?


This Australia Day story, when the rivalries aren’t what you’d expect, first appeared in the Canberra Times.

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