The visit of the European Parliament delegation to Taiwan angered China


04/11/2021 5:02 PM IS

Beijing [China]November 4th (ANI): China on Thursday expressed its outrage to the European Union over a visit by the European Parliament delegation to Taiwan.
A group of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) dealing with the issue of “foreign interference” in the EU’s democratic processes began a three-day visit to Taiwan on Wednesday.
“China expresses outrage and strong protest against the visit of the European Parliament delegation to Taiwan. We have already strictly subordinated ourselves to the EU,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Thursday at a press conference.
The Chinese spokesman stressed that the “One China” principle is the political basis of bilateral relations between China and the EU, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported.
“China urges the European Union to correct its mistakes and not send the wrong signals to the separatist forces campaigning for Taiwan’s independence and to avoid damaging China-EU relations,” he added.

Raphael Glucksmann, head of the European Parliament (EP) delegation visiting Taiwan, told President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday that Taipei is not alone and the bloc is standing by her side in defending freedom and democracy.
The delegation held talks on Taiwanese experience in combating disinformation, attempts to interfere with Taiwanese democracy, media, culture and education, and Taiwan’s efforts to strengthen its cyber resilience.
“We came here with a simple message, Madam President @iingwen: Taiwan is not alone. Europe stands by your side in the defense of freedom, democracy and human dignity, ”Glucksmann tweeted.
The Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked the EU delegation for “increasingly strong European support for the country”. “Thank you @ rglucks1 for the touching message of friendship, solidarity and unity. The government and the people deeply appreciate the visit of the @Europarl_EN # INGE delegation and the increasing support of #Europe for the country. We give us a big heart know that #Taiwan is not alone, “said the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The faction leader of the European Parliament said on Wednesday that the flourishing of Taiwan’s democracy was “tremendous” and that the delegation wanted to learn from Taiwan’s experience in dealing with foreign interference.
This meeting is taking place amid increasing Chinese military activity near the island recently. Recently, Taiwan has seen an increase in burglaries as Beijing claims full sovereignty over the democratic island.
In October, the Taiwanese Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng announced that Beijing could consider a full-scale invasion of the island by 2025. The delegation is due to stay in Taiwan until Friday. (ANI)

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