Thor has just confirmed that he could destroy Iron Man in one hit


A fire of friendship shows how thoroughly Iron Man is outclassed by Thor and that he probably could easily have killed Tony during one of their previous conflicts.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers # 1, on sale now.

Thor has always been one of the strongest Avengers, but it’s rare to take a look at how he would hold up against the heroes of his peers. Sure, there was an argument between him and others, but in Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers # 1, by Alex Daknadel, Ryan Bodenheim, Rachelle Rosenberg and Cory Petit of VC, it has been shown that Thor has always had the power to destroy Iron Man’s armor in one fell swoop. Granted, this was mostly revealed by accident: Thor didn’t try to hurt Tony Stark, but he hit him anyway.

But despite the mishap, it shows that Thor has likely held back in all of his previous fights with Iron Man, even when he was really angry with Tony.

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An invasion of what appeared to be Juggernaut constructs built a tower with enormous psionic potential. Thor, Captain Marvel, and Captain America arrived in town and started a fight. Or more precisely, Thor picked a fight and his two comrades got drawn into it. At the same time, Iron Man investigated the place of entry of these constructs into his dimension. When Iron Man found the ruined remains of Cyttorak’s realm, he discovered the true nature of these towers: a massive beacon intended to share the memories of a person who had endured great tragedies and horrors. In short, it was a warning that whatever destroyed this dimension is now coming to Earth.

The other Avengers of Iron Man did not know this and tried to destroy a new tower that would warn them of the impending danger. Thor was the most persistent in this pursuit and tore his way through the constructs uninhibited when he realized that they were hollow inside. But things only got worse when one of them temporarily deafened the thunder god and prevented his friends from telling him that he was about to destroy possibly the only advanced knowledge of an invasion.

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Fortunately, Iron Man gave them back twice and threw himself in the way of the thrown Mjolnir. The force of the impact thrown by a Thor who did not deal with restraint instantly shattered Tony’s armor, injuring him so badly that he called for an ambulance. Although Tony survived, that moment confirmed the fact that Thor had always held back in moments of uncertainty and even anger when fighting his friends. One blow was enough to break Iron Man’s armor and wound the man in it. If Thor had really tried to kill Tony, there would only have been a second blow.

The two have had conflicts in the past. At one point, Tony even developed special armor specifically designed for fighting Thor. And Thor still won that fight, albeit with some difficulty. But his one-hit destruction of Iron Man armor implies that Thor could easily have defeated Tony anytime, had he used his full power. But for obvious reasons, Thor never did that.

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Thor is a good man inside, even when angry at Tony’s ruse or meddling in forces he couldn’t control, he could never find it to kill his friend. Even during the aforementioned battle with a Thorbuster armor, a weapon powered by a gift Thor gave Tony, he never actually hurt him, just took the armor apart.

This shows that Thor’s real power is still unknown to Tony. His armor could take most of the damage from a single, uncompromising blow, but it broke instantly, leaving a defenseless and wounded Tony. If Thor had been less compassionate during these multiple conflicts of interest, there is an excellent chance that Tony Stark would not have been here today to give humanity a chance to fight the threat that lies ahead.

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