Trump wants to cut billions of global Covid vaccine dealers


“The US $ 4 billion identified as an emergency need would provide US funding to support international vaccination efforts long before the US policy of vaccinating vulnerable populations prior to supporting international vaccinations,” the language says.

The The overall repeal package targets a number of federal ministries, smaller agencies and development aid programs and meets funding pools that enjoy broad cross-party support. Among other things, it would be nothing:

– $ 1.5 billion for overseas emergency food aid
Billions for scientific research, including $ 2 billion for research and development in renewable energy and energy efficient technologies
– More than $ 2 billion in AIDS relief
– More than $ 1 billion to help refugees and victims of conflict around the world
– $ 291 million for programs to promote democracy around the world
– $ 241 million in economic assistance to countries around the world
– $ 500 million in foreign military aid
– $ 12.3 million for gun mortality research and injury prevention
– $ 13 million for the National Institutes of Health
– $ 430 million for cultural exchange programs
– $ 181 million for NOAA climate research programs
– Hundreds of millions in federal student aid

Trump pledged to roll out the package last month after fueling shutdown fears and delaying his signing of massive government funding and the coronavirus package. But the Democrats immediately promised to torpedo his resignation proposal.

“These open budget cuts are a clear attempt by President Trump to do as much damage as possible before he leaves the White House,” House budget chairman John Yarmuth said in a statement Thursday evening. “These repeals are full of harmful and irrational cuts to programs critical to fighting COVID-19, climate change, and strengthening America’s global leadership.”

Trump card himself has previously praised US investment in global vaccination program as evidence of US commitment to fight coronavirus. But the administration has moved out in the meantime an attempt to distribute a Covid vaccine that GAVI was involved in as it was jointly managed by the World Health Organization. Back then, Trump railed against the WHO’s “China-centered” response to the pandemic.

The proposed cuts also come amid the government’s broader anti-development aid campaign, which Trump has often complained about, arguing that other countries are not making their fair contributions to global causes.

This is not the first time the Trump administration has attempted to reclaim funds that it has already signed. In 2018, the government proposed a $ 15.4 billion package of spending cuts, spread across 10 federal ministries, that would have hit child health insurance and public housing programs. A GOP bill, HR 3 (115) to meet the President’s call for these cuts, was passed by the Republican-led House of Representatives earlier this year but was rejected in the Senate on concerns including unspent funds to restore the Cancel Hurricane Sandy.

In August 2019 was the White House forced to give up an attempt to cut billions of dollars in development aid because of its unpopularity in Congress.

The move comes after the president turned down foreign aid and other funding included in December’s coronavirus relief package – some of which he previously approved and even proposed in his own budget proposals. The government funding package passed by Congress last month included $ 1.3 billion for Egypt and the Egyptian military and $ 134 million for Myanmar, a level also called for by Trump’s 2021 budget.

“Congress has found a lot of money for overseas, lobbyists and special interests while at the same time sending the basics to the American people that they need,” complained Trump in a video response to the passage of comprehensive legislation by Congress days before Christmas.

Jennifer Scholtes and Annie Snider contributed to this report.

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