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Ukrainian amateur drone users destroy Russia’s 40-mile convoy

A SQUAD of amateur drone users say they managed to destroy Russia’s 40-mile convoy in several deadly ambushes.

The unlikely heroes dispatched parts of Russia’s infamous “death convoy” of tanks and armored vehicles trapped outside of Kyiv.

Volunteer experts from the specialized air reconnaissance unit Aerorozvidka used drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras or those capable of dropping small bombs and sniper rifles to attack Russian troops.

The group’s commander, Lt. Col. Yaroslav Honchar, said an ambush near the town of Ivankiv helped halt the massive Russian operation in the early days of the Ukraine invasion.

The IT special forces used quads to approach the column at night and attacked their supply depot to stop the Russians from advancing.

Honchar told the Guardian: “This one small unit destroyed two or three vehicles at the head of this convoy during the night and got stuck afterwards.

“They stayed there two more nights and [destroyed] many vehicles.”

“The first echelon of Russian forces was stuck with no heat, no oil, no bombs and no gas. And it all happened because of the work of 30 people,” he added.

The elite unit claims they also helped stop a Russian airstrike on Hostomel Airport by shelling 200 paratroopers.

Honchar likened the group’s struggle to the work of a “swarm of bees.”

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