Unimpressed by the pariah status, PM in Glasgow waves with “green and gold”


Although the East Indian Dipole temporarily soothed our epigenetic despair two years after the bushfires began, it is worth thinking of how the Murdoch press chose to do so present the results back then.

As the intensity of the flames seared the minerals on either side of Scott Morrison’s Hawaiian vacation and the thwarted handshakes, the Australian division of News Corp empowered its most controversial entities to harm the psyche of ordinary Australians.

In January 2020, deep in the collective fear of a catastrophic bush fire, Murdoch opinion writers stirred the pot. ‘Warming is good for us“Wrote a well-known expert, less than a month after the New Year, pictures of a child fleeing a hellish inferno with his family in a tin can.

Between April 2019 and March 2020, the tabloid News Corp published 8,612 news and commentaries on climate change, nearly half of those articles disapproving or doubting the topic during an angry inferno. On either side of these pieces, the prime minister was booed as he rushed around the fire front like a Pentecostal flame for photo ops. Thousands of misinformation has gradually transformed the narrative about climate change, a concerted effort.

The coalition of climate criminals

One of the Australian government’s biggest mistakes is its apathy for climate policy, a tradition of the Liberal Party.

When Scott Morrison recently traveled to the United States just before meeting President Joe Biden, he had an intimate dinner with News Corp CEO Robert Thomson.

On his return, it is no coincidence that we have seen a dramatic shift towards net zero in the political and journalistic class. One of the first things Joe Biden signed in the Oval Office was an executive order to re-join the Paris Climate Agreement. This position would always create “sticking points” between the current US administration and the guy who was playing “poor Alas Yorik” with a lump of coal in the parliament building.

As we live and breathe, the US Democrats are developing a proposal for a so-called “carbon tax”.

Years before China began throwing back mountains of our polluted recycled plastic, long before they locked out our diplomats, the 2011 Gillard government enacted the Clean Energy Act, a world first that put a price on CO2.

In 2014, just two short years after its inception, the coalition kept its election promise and celebrated the end of the “useless, destructive carbon tax” in both houses of parliament. All of this has been accomplished with the full support of the mining giants and major polluters who were sown by the media in the howling storm of tabloid subjectivity and swirled the bull dust over everything.

Geoff Dembiki highlights the contradicting nature of News Corp and documents that the company issued the following:

The News Corp empire has watched the horrors of intercontinental environmental disasters as it safeguards its assets from these events and future-proofs its investments. She has been aware of the effects of climate change since 2006 and is preparing them strategically. At the same time, she has encouraged her experts to politicize and misinform and to spread ideas that are not intuitive. If News Corp has been shutting its hatches for the last 15 years when climate change has been on the table, why hasn’t it taken the Australian people with it?

Up until this point, News Corp has valued the political capital gained from decades of misinformation about climate change over promoting a unified message that supports the 79 percent of Australians who believe this is happening and want to take action. It has made political division into daily bread on important national issues, ignored the warning signs, trampled on clarity and consensus, and inflicted incomprehensible damage to our ability to respond as a nation.

By the time dawned, Monday October 11, 2021, they piled more “green and gold” on the front pages of “MISSIONZERO” than Kieran Perkins got in Barcelona and there was no Clive Palmer or Harvey Norman ad. Just for a day.

Billboard mocks Morrison as Australia prepares for COP26

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has decided to attend the COP26 conference while Australians launch a campaign to demonstrate our shame to the world.

The friendly rival newspapers tried to praise News Corp, like the old archenemy from the original who became a good friend in a sequel. Some of us feel a little numb with all of this. But we’re not dealing with Apollo Creed or Lando Calrissian from Rocky III or Star Wars VI, but with the Xenomorph from Aliens.

Morrison, the guy who said he could put the mob that booted Turnbull over the National Energy Guarantee, is now a hostage to them too Fringe residents in Canberra. They may take a little longer to call back as they are going against the current and trying to establish their brand outside of the box.

There is room for these ideologies in a great country that invites people like Gina Reinhart to speak about climate denial and Thatcher values ​​with children in elite schools, or to speak role models of the climate like Andrew Forrest at the National Press Club to speak to the government insult.

Scott Morrison has played a key role in an era of anti-climate policy and revisionism. From the abolition of the CO2 tax to the sinking of the national energy guarantee, Morrison has not shied away from extending this historically decisive imperative to subjective political gain.

In September 2019, the Prime Minister declined an invitation to another UN climate summit. Summit watchers said Morrison ran a “denying government” that was “greenwashing” to meet its emissions targets. Amid it all, Morrison still found a way to vilify youth activist Greta Thunberg by speaking of her relationship with the “fears” of children.

If Morrison should know anything about “fears” it should be the collective fears of a nation teetering at the worsening effects of climate change and seeking initiatives and solutions from its leaders.

The country’s working class is exposed to landscape insecurity under the Clean Energy Act.

How Murdoch manipulates the climate of Australian politics

News Corp, suddenly promoting action on climate change, is just another example of how the coalition and the MSM are working together to create and control the political narrative.

Between slogans from big parties, platitudes of unprepared leaders in politics and industry, and misinformation from government officials and a compliant press, the threat to job security in a stagnant labor market is heightened by the politicization of the issue and confused by the small ideas used to reassure an affected workforce .

Without the support of the duopolies and power brokers, and the lack of any willing inspiration in Canberra, there is no certainty for many Australians, who feel increasingly unprepared for the brave new world of clean energy and unaware of the economic opportunities and security that all this could bring.

If the coalition hadn’t repealed the Clean Energy Act, we would have had ten years of experience placing people in green jobs, in green industries, and enabling our youth and workers to think big in those areas. As early adopters of a carbon tax, we could have led the world, as we have often done, before the little ideas and withdrawals from a decade of coalition revisionism. What a wasted opportunity Australians experienced.

As the reactive Prime Minister pauses and flops and gives in to go to Glasgow, while frantically shuffling his papers on the plane, he leaves a dire political situation. Since he was “bullied” by the Nationals and the increasing weight of public opinion, it was no wonder he wanted to stay and talk his way out.

We should remember that the coalition government, their harbinger in News Corp, the forces that repealed the Clean Energy Act sent us to Glasgow at the last minute. With the Nationals “looking for clarity,” the Prime Minister may leave a climate policy with a dog breakfast on Monday. But it also leaves Barnaby Joyce getting too lyrical on the subject, using his own rumbling, unique style.

The eyes of the developed world have watched Australia tumble into pariah status. Everything that has happened since then, all the stupidity and embarrassment, the regression and numbness, has been backed by a propaganda network that has worked its way into daily life and helped create an uncertain future for our children.

Joel Jenkins is a writer and actor. You can read more from Joel on Bogan Intelligentsia and follow him on Twitter @boganintel.

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