USA in “the most dangerous time in history”: Donald Trump

Joe Biden’s presidency was disastrous for America’s international stance, former US President Donald Trump claimed Thursday at a Heritage Foundation event in Florida. He believes the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan has weakened Washington in the eyes of its opponents, including China, Russia and Iran.

“China no longer respects us, Iran no longer fears us, and Russia, with its monstrous invasion of Ukraine, has shown how weak they consider our leaders to be,” Trump said during the event, adding that such developments make America “most dangerous period in our country’s history right now.”

Former President Donald Trump blamed the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan for the Taliban to take over the country in an all-out offensive. “Our nation was humiliated in Afghanistan, where we killed soldiers, left American hostages and … left American military equipment behind,” Trump said. “We surrendered.”

The ex-president has also claimed that although his administration also planned to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, if he had been allowed to accomplish what he did, the US would withdraw “with dignity, great dignity and great force.” had planned to do.

Donald Trump has also claimed he would keep the US presence alive Bagram Air Force Base – once the largest US facility in Afghanistan north of the country’s capital Kabul – just to monitor China’s activities.

“[The base] Because an hour away from where China makes its nuclear weapons [sic] Billions and billions of dollars to build many years ago and right now it looks to me like China will end up owning and operating Bagram,” the former president pointed out.

Former US President Donald Trump has also claimed he would not have allowed Russia to attack Ukraine if he had stayed in the White House. “They would never have done that under the Trump administration. Never, not even a possibility,” he stressed, adding that Moscow has not been involved in any new military conflicts during his presidency.

“Russia took Georgia under President Bush. They took Crimea under President Obama. They didn’t accuse me of anything, nothing,” he said, adding that this was despite withdrawing US troops from Syria and Iraq and reducing America’s presence in Afghanistan.

The ex-president specifically referred to a brief military conflict between Russia and Georgia in 2008, when Moscow backed the self-proclaimed republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia after Georgian forces shelled the South Ossetian capital Tskhinval and killed Russian peacekeepers. Although Tbilisi has lost control of the breakaway republics since 1991, most nations still consider the territories part of Georgia.

Russia “took” no territories during the 2008 conflict, but helped drive Georgian forces out of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and thereafter recognized both republics. In response, Tbilisi severed diplomatic relations with Moscow.

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