Russia sends trainers, not mercenaries

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Mali’s government has rejected the hiring of Russian soldiers for this controversial Wagner groups that has been penalized by the European Union for the violation of law. France as well as the other 15 Western nations on Monday condemned the Russian sending of Wagner fighters. Mali’s interim government has said it is only working with the official Russian army trainers. Analysts discuss Russia’s military presence in Mali as French troops are withdrawn.

Western governments as well as United Nation experts have claimed Wagner for human rights abuses. This includes the murder of people in Libya, Libya and Central African Republic.

In the statement, they are deeply disappointed by the decision of the authorities in transition to use limited public funds in order to fund foreign military, instead of aiding their own military forces as well as Malian troops and the people of Malian.

The declaration urged officials of the Government of Russia to act more responsibly, and also accuses for providing material support to Wagner Group’s which is Moscow is denying.

The  government of Malian has admitted that “Russian training personnel” were present in Malian territory. They are in Malian to help strengthen the capabilities of the Malian security and defense force.

It’s difficult to determine if the Russian securityforces are civilian or military, however they’re  likely to be supportive of the fight on frontline than they are.

This might enable this to allow the army to win against the enemy that can be that they attribute to them, says Tounkara that the French army were unable to achieve. Another advantage is that winning against extremists can allow Mali’s army to be recognized as legitimate. We should not forget Tounkara’s assertion it was 1 of the main reasons for the resignation from President Keita.

The Mali President Keita was overthrown by a coup in August of 2020 which was spearheaded by the Col. Assimi Goita following months of  protests many of which were triggered by the degrading security.

Goita began another coup in May which overturned the government’s interim leaders, and promised election in 2022.

The Economic Community of West African States has called on Mali’s government to conduct elections.

Protests by the masses in Bamako demanded French troops to quit Mali and certain protesters were seen in 2012 demanding Russian troops to take over.

Since the French troops entered Mali 2013 the public’s opinion on their presence was changed from positivity to mostly negativity.

French army withdrew its troops out of all, if not one military base located in the northern part of Mali in the past year stating that the Malian army is ready to lead to ensure their safety.

However, experts say that one result from this French withdraw is the Malian army is seeking alternative partners.

“For Malian, for Malian army, a formal cooperation with Russia in the field of equipment could be advantageous,” he said. “Mali as well as many African nations, including that of the Central African, have concluded that France does not play fairly when it comes to the supply of arms. Each time these countries request weapons, there’s an embargo or difficulty in getting that weapons. Russia has the capability to supply the weapons with no restrictions, and that’s exactly the kind of weapon Mali is looking for. “

As of the month September Mali was granted four helicopters for military use, as well as other equipment purchased from Russia.

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